ReCre What to bring

Personal Items and Clothing


You will need to plan on being dirty, sweaty, and covered in paint, tar, a layer of dirt and various other things each and every day. Keep in mind that you will not have access to an on site laundry facility. Packing for the entire week is important. Dress clothes or really nice shirts and pants are probably not a good idea. Remember to not wear anything that you don’t mind getting really dirty in or, to find at the end of day the clothes are carrying permanent reminders of the work site!

For The Work Site:

  • Shoes/Boots- sneakers are adequate, open toe shoes or sandals are NOT allowed on a worksite! No Exceptions. Preferable footwear is something with a hard sole.
  • Socks- Need to be worn at all times, protect the feet and keep out unwanted critters.
  • Hat, Cap or Bandana
  • Appropriate T-Shirts, Work Shirts, Pack at least one Long Sleeved Shirt to work in. Some tasks require long sleeves.
  • Jacket-Wind Breaker
  • Shorts, not super short/tight!
  • Long Pants-Ones you will wear on work sites. Loose fitting are best. Many people opt for old hospital wear or army pants.
  • Water Bottle
  • Work Gloves

Back At The Facility: (After The Shower)

Comfortable Clothing:

Again, use good discretion! Shirts must be worn at all times! At no time are halter tops, sports bras, spaghetti straps, tank tops, half shirts (no belly buttons please), shirts, or hats with suggestive sayings or  slogans will not be tolerated. Short shorts, short skirts or spandex are not appropriate at any time.

Also Include:

  • Bible and Journal
  • Tooth brush, tooth paste, soap, deodorant, personal bathroom stuff
  • Wash cloth, towel
  • Showering shoes
  • Sleeping bag or bed roll or sheets, pillow (we have mats to sleep on)
  • Light jacket/sweatshirt (for cool nights)
  • Swimsuit – One piece for girls
  • Rain Gear

Optional Stuff:

  • Camera
  • Sunglasses and chap stick
  • Football, Basketball, Softball Stuff, Frisbee

Do Not Bring:

Valuables, including but not limited to: family heirlooms, stereos, boom boxes and large amounts of cash. There are a lot of people staying in the facility with you and we have no way to secure your personal items.

One final note regarding clothing:

Please remember that we are in no way passing judgment or trying to dictate your style in clothing. We simply have many years of experience working in communities, with churches and with families. Over the years we have developed a good middle ground that we find works well and keeps everyone in a positive place.

What is acceptable to you from where you live or attend school may be unsafe for a job site or unacceptable in the communities we work in or at the home of the family you are working with. Work with us, being a community of faith sometimes means giving up certain things to allow God to be even more real in our midst!

Meals not included in the trip price:

Saturday July 15th

– Lunch (Something fast)

– Dinner (Something like slower)

Sunday July 16th

– Breakfast (Something fast)

– Lunch (Something fast)

Saturday July 22nd

– Lunch (fast food)

In addition, youth sometimes buy at Recre t-shirts or hats — $15 range;  frisbees, water bottles


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