January 20-21

21561 Lakefront Drive Lago Vista, Tx

Packing List

  • Bible
  • Toiletries
  • Bath Towel & Washcloth
  • There are enough beds for all, those conformable sharing a bed will do so, others can have their own twin bed! No need to bring pillows, blankets etc, there are plenty there unless they want their own.
  • Warm clothes & cold clothes depending on the weather for Saturday
  • Appropriate pj’s
  • Tennis Shoes and socks for outside
  • Beach Towel and Swimsuit (one piece or tshirt over two piece for girls)
  • Any medications should be given to Diane before departure
  • All confirmands please bring a snack that could be shared with 2 people.
  • Click here to help provide food items for the weekend.

Tentative Schedule

Friday, January 20th

4:30 pm          Pack up at WUMC

5:00 pm           Depart WUMC

6:00 pm           Arrive/Unpack/Games!

6:45pm            Eat Dinner & Team 1 Clean up

7:45 pm           Games

9:00 pm           Catacomb Worship

10:00 pm         Ready for Bed

10:30 pm         Lights Out

Saturday, January 21st

7:30 am           Wake-up!

8:00 am           Breakfast & Team 2 Clean up

9:00 am           Worship Service Planning

10:00 am         Mentor Fun

11:00 am         Crosses game

Noon               Lunch & Team 3 Clean Up

1:00 pm          Games/Outside

2:00pm          Lesson

3:00 pm           Clean up & Pack up

3:40 pm           Head Home

4:30-4:45pm   Arrive back at WUMC (Students will contact parents when we’re 15 minutes out!)


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